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    "People-oriented, integrity, down-to-earth, exploitation and enterprising" is the corporate concept of Yupont Electric Power Technology. Insisting on the creed of respecting the knowledge and talents and regarding the talents as the root of corporate growth and development, the company gathers a group of talents with advanced academic degrees and high quality. Excellent professional and technical personnel and pragmatic and rigorous corporate style lay a firm foundation for the development of Beijing Yupont. 
       Who is the person creating such great career? Beijing Yupont relies on talents to overcome the high technology of times. What do you want to do after several years of hard study? Our company is willing to giving a platform for students to display your capabilities! Beijing Yupont is broad-minded to warmly brace all talents who can devote into the developing and service of energy products. Beijing Yupont is the cradle of hope, source of knowledge, garden of growing and base of development for you! Beijing Yupont wishes create a more beautiful future with you!

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