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    In order to realize the requirement of "continuously providing customers with satisfied products and first-class technical services" in the quality policy, Beijing Yupont Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd. provides toll-free customer service hotline (400-818-0882) and allocates relevant technical personnel and service personnel to provide customers with support from pre-sales consultation, after-sales service, technical training to software upgrade for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is our aspiration to keep customers satisfied.

    1. 24-hour hotline service;

    2. 24-hour response service 

    For customers' requirements, we will immediately reply according to the situations. And for the questions which cannot be solved immediately, we will reply within 24 hours. We implement the first inquiry responsibility. The department which receives user information takes the responsibility for transmitting to relevant departments and supervising processing results.

    3. Quick on-site response service;

    4. Perform on-site service according to the time specified by the customers. Commitments in emergency are as follows:

    Send service personnel to the customer site within 48 hours;

    For remote regions which have poor communications in domestic, we will arrive within 72 hours.

    5. Complete the service work within 7 days.


    Service contents:

    1. Technology consultation: Remotely respond to customers' technology consultation, provide customers with required relevant technical data and technical reports.

    2. Failure processing: On-site analysis and processing of failure caused by company products or unincorporated reasons.

    3. Product repair: Repair or change damaged products caused by quality problems or customers.

    4. Technical training: Conduct product-related technical trainings according to customers' requirements.

    5. Software upgrade: Provide services of adding product functions and upgrading software because of company products bugs or customers' requirements.

    6. Other service contents stipulated in the contract.


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